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Millar’s Plumbing Services has the lastest technology to assist in any blocked drains.


Hydro Jetter Drain Cleaning Machine:

A Hydro Jetter Drain Cleaning Machine is a machine specifically designed to clear drains. This machine uses very high pressured water to break loose blockages. Jetters can break through:

  • Debris
  • Rocks and tree branches
  • Grease buildups
  • Other drain blockages


Electronic Eel:


Camera Inspections:

Drain Camera Inspections:  Our Rothenberger RothCam Plus allows us to inspect drain blockages and clearances.  This camera can travel up to 50 metres down drains to inspect the drain quality and allow us to determine the cause of the blockage.  Most people assume with blocked drains, that something has been put down the drain to cause the blockage however, tree roots or collapsed pipe can often be the cause.  Out camera inspections saves customers time and money in making decisions on how to best clear blockages and can determine the quality of underground drains.



Drain Cleaning Machine

Drain Cleaning Machine